GREAT Sort campaign and toolkit assets

The GREAT Sorts campaign was launched in 2020 and uses behavioural economics research and strategies developed locally for WA. The campaign development incorporates extensive consumer research and message testing to identify and prioritise waste sorting behaviours with the most potential to reduce household waste and increase recovery rates.

It focuses on the priority waste sorting behaviours of gifting, recycling, earth-cycling, avoiding and taking; and reframes waste as a problem that we can solve and norms simple ways to ‘do better than the landfill bin’.

The campaign is evaluated annually and ensures consistent evidence-based communications are provided to all WA residents through key partners such as local governments, waste industry and community groups.

GREAT Sort campaign poster

The campaign incorporates these behaviour change principles:

  • Appeals to a sense of contribution and encourages less waste ending up in landfill through the key message ‘Be a GREAT Sort, make landfill the last resort’.
  • Interrupts thinking by asking for non-bin actions, making ‘Gifting, Recycling, Earth-cycling, Avoiding and Taking to drop-offs (GREAT)’ the tangible steps.
  • Prompts simple messages on how to sort waste by replacing long lists of waste items with intuitive concepts, such as ‘Recycle only these 5: Cans, Paper, Glass jars/ bottles, Cardboard, Plastic containers/bottles’; and ‘Take batteries, e-waste and chemicals to special drop-off points'.
  • Showcases rewards by highlighting the positive outcomes such as ‘cans become cars, plastic bottles become beanies, glass jars become road base’.

The WasteSorted behaviour change materials can be downloaded below.

Some stakeholders may wish to co-brand assets or use elements of the campaign, such as the characters, to deliver their own waste avoidance messages. Should alteration of creative assets be required, please email

Campaign guidelines

  • Campaign guidelines in PDF and editable vector formats

Complete toolkit

  • Campaign guidelines
  • All poster, radio and social assets

Individual assets for
GREAT Sort Campaign

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Social media advertising 20 October 2023 preview download
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Kerbside bin stickers 20 October 2023 preview download
In-home stickers 19 October 2023 preview download
Fridge magnet 19 October 2023 preview download
Tote bag 01 September 2020 preview download
Instagram stories 06 November 2020 preview download
Radio 06 November 2020 preview unavailable download
Teardrop banners 03 August 2023 preview download
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